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Inner Earth 地球核心

If you have _1_ dreamed of journeying(v.旅行) to the center of the earth, don't hold your breath(屏息而待). It is almost 4,000 miles below us, roughly(大約) the distance from Chicago to London. But in this scenario(n.情形), nobody has even left the suburb(n.市郊). The deepest mines(n.礦) in the world are the western deep levels goldmines in South Africa. They descend(v.下降) 2.3 miles into the earth, _2_ the temperature is a sweltering(悶熱的) 130 degrees Fahrenheit _3_ by warm rocks below. With a shaft(礦坑) so deep, the miners have to descend in several stages(階段). The deepest hole ever drilled(v.鑽) is here at Kola in Russia(蘇俄). It extends 7.5 miles down. This drill is so long _4_ it distorts(v.變形) like a piece of elastic(橡皮筋). But even the deepest drilled hole is still _5_ 3,955 miles short of the center of the earth -- barely(adv.僅僅) a pin(大頭針) prick(刺) _6_ the surface of our planet(n.行星).
The earth is like an onion _7_ up of different layers(n.層) of material. The crust(n.地殼) is a thin layer of rock a few tens of miles' thick. The largest region(n.區域) of the earth's interior(n.內部) is called the Mantle. It's almost 1,800 miles of a patty(餡餅)-like rock. But beneath(在下) the Mantle, the core(n.核心) is roughly the size of the moon. And it is made _8_ of two parts -- the liquid(a.液體的) metal(n.金屬) outer core and the solid(a.固體的) metal inner core. [國家地理雜誌]
(A) where (B) up (C) that (D) ever
(E) heated (F) some (G) made (H) on 

[解 說]
1. ever adv.曾經(多用於問句或_________句中) 例: If you ever see George, give him my kind regards. 例: Have you ever been to London? 
2. 地方名詞 + _________ + 完整句(不缺S或O) 例: ... the earth(地方名詞) + where + the temperature is ... 
3. [關代在其後句中當S的省略: 1)去掉同S 2)V改為Ving 3)去掉being] 
[原句] 130 degrees Fahrenheit + (which is) heated(vt.加熱) by warm rocks below. 
5. some(大約 = ___________) + 數字
7. [原句] ... an onion + (which is) made up of(由...所構成) different layers(n.層) 
8. be made up of 由...所構成

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Dream Machine 夢機器

Gemma Booth is winding _1_(放鬆) after an _2_ day. Before going to sleep, she reads for a while, and then when she feels drowsy(a.困倦的), tells a machine beside her bed _3_ she'd like to dream about during the night. (My perfect wedding.) Booth is testing out(試用) 'Yumemi-Kobo', a Japanese technology(n.科技) _4_ to influence(v.影響) dreams. It soothes(v.舒緩) the dreamer _5_ music, and just before dawn(n.黎明), _6_ experts say (that) people often experience(vt.經歷到) their most vivid(a.生動的) dreams, a recorded message kicks in(插入). According _7_ a recent study in Japan, this device(裝置) can control about 22% of _8_ dreamers remember from a night's sleep. That may not sound like a great success rate(n.比率). _9_ after the product's _10_, more than 10 thousand dream machines were sold in just six weeks in Asia. Everyone, it seems, has a dream. Do you have a favorite dream? (You are looking at her.)

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100 Miles on 1 Gallon (一加侖油跑100英里)

1. sleek a.光滑的 (sl-= ______: slide v.滑動)
2. aerodynamic a.空氣動力學的 (aer-=_____, (dyne n.達因)
3. accessory n.配件 (ac-加強, cess- = ___ →與主要產品一起走)
4. frame n.骨架 (←_______ n.外型)
5. gear n.工具;排檔;齒輪 (←____:齒輪有耳)

It's so light(a.輕的), chief designer Ron Mathis can push the vehicle(n.車輛) with his thumb. But even more amazing(a.驚人的) is the fact that this car will run for 100 miles on just one gallon of gas.

The Edison2, Very Light Car -- that is its name -- is this year's winner of the Automotive X Prize competition. Not only is the car light, its sleek, aerodynamic design allows it to move at a pretty good clip(n.快速) down the highway.

Nor is it likely to ever have power windows or other power-driven accessories that add weight and decrease fuel efficiency(n.效率) in cars. Instead, it works like this: The car's lightweight, steel frame and aluminum running gear enables designers to make the rest of the car even lighter.

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Siesta Competition 睡午覺比賽

1. siesta n.午覺 (←______) →日出(6AM)後的第六個小時
2. tradition n.傳統 (trad- = ______ 從...到...) →上一代傳到下一代
3. folk n.人們 (←_________)
4. snooze v.小睡片刻;打瞌睡 (sn- ______)
5. snore v.打呼 (sn- 口鼻, or- 口)

Siestas have been a tradition in Spain for a very long time. But some folks have actually turned siestas into a contest. Yes, competitive sleeping! You don't want to snooze on this event. Actually, you do.

Organizers set it up at a mall in Madrid(馬德里). The idea was for people to see how much sleep they could get in 20 minutes. Extra points(加分) for snoring. It sounds kinda[= _____ of] funny, but the group behind the contest is serious(a.認真的) about siestas.

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War on Salt (對抗鹽的戰爭)

1. toxic a.有毒的 (← to + X = ____)
2. advocacy n.提倡 (ad-加強語氣, voc- = ____)
3. stroke n.中風 (← ______ ←被鬼打到)
4. sodium n.鈉 (← _______)
5. milligram n.毫克(千分之一克, mill__-=千分之一)

1. What some restaurants tout(v.招徠顧客) as "specials(n.特餐)," the food police 
call "toxic" for their salt content(n.含量).

2. The non-profit Center for Science in the Public Interest(n.利益), a health advocacy group, tracked(v.追蹤) meals at chain(連鎖) restaurants, finding some contained more than three times the amount of salt that's recommended(v.建議) on a daily basis(n.基礎).

3. Salt is pretty dangerous, because it can lead to(導致) high blood pressure(高血壓) which leads to heart attack and stroke, and it also can worsen(v.惡化) the condition of people who have heart failure(心臟衰竭).

4. The American Heart Association recommends(v.建議) adults have less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, which amounts to(等於) a teaspoon(n.茶匙).

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Water in Moon 月球有水

1. probe n.探測器 v.探測 (←________ 證實)
2. launch v.發起 (←lance 矛 ←______ 線)
3. chunk n.大塊 (chu- = sha- = _____ →原指切下來的一大塊)
4. collision n.碰撞
collide v.碰撞 (col- 共同, lid- = ______ 躺下/被撞倒)
5. crater n.隕石坑 (cra- = 類似_____/C形者: cradle 搖籃, crane 鶴)

1. Nasa's probe was launched back in June, and was separated into a truck(n.卡車) size chunk and a small observing(a.觀測的) probe.

2. Both were heading to the collision of the moon at nearly two miles per second. 
The big chunk actually the rocket's upper stage(n.層) crashed(v.撞毀) into a crater near the south pole(南極). 

3. The inner material is in a permanent(a.固定性的) shape. That threw up a boom(n.爆炸) which Nasa hopes contains water from the ice in the crater. 

4. The observing probe sent back those pictures of the flash(n.閃光) before it is too crashed.

5. Nasa is pulling(v.蒐集) all the data they got back. Of that they will find water.
But finding the money to set up a lunar(a.月亮的) base(n.基地) is another.

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Rebirth of Space 太空計畫重生

1. commercial a.商業的 (mer- = ______ ←Mercury 商人的守護神)
2. launch v.發起 (←lance 矛 ←______線)
3. aloft adv.在空中 (←______ 提起)
4. futuristic a.未來主義的;超現實的
5. venture n.探險 (vent- = went 走 →走去危險的地方)
6. commit v.投入 (com- 全部, mit- = 扔 →全部扔入)

1. Out here in the vast(a.廣闊的) desert of southern New Mexico is where America's was born with pioneers(n.先驅) like Joe Kitinger and Robert Goddard. And it is here that some believe it is being reborn(v.再生). 

2. New Mexico is investing(v.投資) almost $300 million in a project known as Spaceport America, an airport for commercial space exploration(n.探險).

3. Virgin Galactic will use Spaceport America to launch its space tourism(n.觀光) 
business, offering wealthy clients(n.顧客) rides(n.交通工具) into spaces, carried aloft by the White Knight II.

4. Virgin Galactic is the largest private partner in this futuristic and futuristic-looking venture in the desert, committing more than $200 million in technological(a.科技的) development(n.發展).

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Elephant Orphanage 大象孤兒院

1. orphan n.孤兒 v.使成孤兒
2. drought n.旱災(drou- = _____, -ght 無意)
3. poach v.盜獵 (←poke v.戳捅破)
4. shrink v.收縮 (shri- = _____)
5. habitat n.棲息地 (habi- = _____: habit 習慣)
6. decimate v.大量殺死 (dec- = ____, mate 同伴 →十中殺一)

1. They grow up to be one of Africa's giants(n.巨人), but like all creatures(n.生物), they start off(開始) pretty small.

2. Dwarfed(v.顯得矮小) by their keepers, each orphaned elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust(n.照顧機構) has a tragic(a.悲劇的) tale. 

3. Drought, poaching and shrinking habitats have decimated elephant herds(n.群) across East Africa. 

4. And the orphanage is fuller than it's been in 30 years. Still, Dame Daphne Sheldrick will take more.

5. It costs $900 a month to care for each orphan, so the elephants have to earn their 

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Soda Tax 開徵汽水稅

1. hijack v.搶劫 (hi- = high)
2. condition v.決定 n.情況
3. available a.可用的 (a- = 加強, vail- = _______, -able = 可以被...的)
4. obesity n.肥胖 (ob- = _______ 過度, es- = _______, -ity = n字尾)
5. calorie n.卡路里 (cal- = ______ 煤, or- = 圓 →_____)

1. Thirsty? Have a soda(n.汽水), that's what your brain is telling you, says former Food and Drug Commissioner(n.委員) David Kessler. 

2. The fact is that our brains, not only our brains but our children's brains are being hijacked.

3. Our behavior is becoming conditioned and driven(v.驅使) by all the fat,sugar and salt that have been put on every corner and made available 24-7 by the food industry(n.行業). 

4. And that's why there are growing calls for taxation(n.徵稅) on foods that lead to(導致) obesity starting with sweet drinks.

5. People who care about their health, says the coalition(n.聯盟), should understand that calories consumed(v.消耗) and calories burned in exercise(n.運動) need to cancel(v.抵消) each other out.

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Payouts to Parents? 日本付錢給父母鼓勵生育

1. ponder v.衡量;考慮 (pend- = 吊桿 →秤: spend 秤好銀兩後付出)
2. pledge v.保證;誓言 (pl- = ____, edge 邊緣 →說到底 = 發誓)
3. compound v.混合加重 (com- 共同, pound- = 打擊聲音)
4. rapidly adv.快速地 (←__________ 兔子)
5. cripple n.跛子;殘廢的人 v.使殘廢 (crip- 爬 ←________)

1. At this Tokyo park, politics is pushing(v.推動) these parents to ponder procreation(n.生產). Jin is an only child, but now his mom is thinking about giving him a brother or sister.

2. She's talking about being paid for having kids. It's a campaign(n.運動) pledged by the new political party that 
stormed into power(開始執政) this week in Japan. The DPJ promises to pay parents the equivalent(n.等價物) of $3,400 every year 
per child, until high school.

3. The goal of these payouts to parents: boost(v.提高) Japan's birth rate(n.比率), among the lowest in the world. The declining birth rate is a major(a.重大的) drag(n.拖累) on Japan's economy(n.經濟), compounded by a rapidly aging(a.老化的) population. 

4. Japan's government says about a quarter of the country's population is over the age of 65. By 2050, that's expected to be 40%, far more crippling(a.使殘障的) than the recession(n.不景氣).

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Space Station's Future? 太空站的未來

1. decade n.十年 (dec- = _10_: December原為十月)
2. shuttle n.太空梭;短程穿梭兩點的交通工具 ←源於門閂的開關:________。
3. scuttle v.倉皇逃走 (←來自shuttle: 匆匆關門)
4. orbit n.軌道(星球) v.運行 ←or- = ____ + bite(咬住/固定)
5. vaccine n.疫苗 (vac- = ____: vacation 假期)
6. gravity n.重力(地心引力)
grave n.墓(碑文) a.(心情)沈重的 ←______(蟹腳類似筆→寫/刻) 

1. More than a decade of construction(n.建造). The U.S. cost alone, including shuttle flights: $44 billion. That's right, billion(十億) with a B, and still counting(計算). Now, after all that time and money, the international space station is ready to do world-class science. The problem is, it may be scuttled before it ever has the chance.

2. Funding(n.資金) to keep the station in orbit will run out(耗盡) by 2015. The promise of cures for diseases like Parkinson's(帕金森氏病) and Alzheimer's(阿茲海默症) and ground-breaking(開創性的) research may never be realized. 

3. Tom Pickens' company is already reaping(v.收成) the benefits. A salmonella(沙門氏菌) vaccine developed in space is moving through the Food and Drug Administration(食品藥物管理局) for approval(n.批准). 

4. The last shuttle flight carried an experiment aimed at(針對) producing a vaccine for MRSA, a highly-resistant staph infection. The absence(n.缺乏) of gravity allows for(容許) the rapid(a.快速的) growth of very virulent(a.致命的) bacteria(n.細菌), perfect for building vaccines, says Pickens.

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Peace Prize Awarded (諾貝爾)和平獎頒贈

1. council n.會議 (coun- = ____全部, cil- =_____)←全部都被召集來開會。
2. rage n.狂怒 v.激烈進行 (←___ 火大了)
3. confront v.面對/臨 (con- 全部, front 前面)
4. approach v.接近 n.方法 (ap- 加強, pro- = _____)
5. Muslim n./a.回教 (穆斯林)
6. tangible a.有形的 (ta- 貼 = _____ →摸得到的)

1. Yes, he can win the Peace Prize on the same day his war council met again to consider sending up to 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan, while(=but) a second
war is winding down(結束) but still raging in Iraq(伊拉克). 

2. We have to confront the world as(像) we know it today. 

3. The Norwegian(a.挪威的) Nobel Committee(選委會) cited(v.舉出) the president's ability to create a new climate around the world.
A deliberate(a.慎重的) approach from day one to break from the Bush years, especially with an historic speech to the Muslim world(回教世界) in Cairo(開羅).

4. And I'm also proud to carry with me the goodwill(n.善意) of the American people and 
a greeting(n.致意) of peace from Muslim communities(n.團體) in my country. Salaam alaikum. 

5. But so far, only great speeches, with little tangible(a.實際的) results.

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Longer School Day 延長上學時間

1. versus prep.相對於 (vers- = _____)
2. Swedish a.瑞士的 (Swiss, -ish = adj.)
3. mediation n.調解 (衝突/舒壓 ←______ 中)
4. enrichment n.充實 (-ment = N字尾)

1. It's 3:00 in the afternoon, and Steve Gallagher has just picked up his 10-year-old daughter Sammy from school, right in the middle of the work day. A longer school day for Sammy, what President Obama wants,
means a more convenient day for dad.

2. American students have one of the shortest school years in the world: 180 days, versus 195 for most European nations and 200 for East Asian countries. And U.S. students spend fewer hours a day in the classroom; 35 hours a week. Swedish students are in class 60 hours a week. 

3. The nation's largest teacher's union(n.工會) says more seat time is good, but after school programs at school? Better.

4. We have them for mediation, we have them for enrichment, we have them for sports, we have them for art, we have them for music.
Those are really good things.

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Making the Vaccine 生產H1N1疫苗

1. clinical a.臨床的 (clin- 傾斜 →有斜床,可以坐立起來)
clinic n.診所 
2. vaccine n.疫苗 (vac- = ____: vacation 假期)
3. fertilize v.受精 (fer- = ____ →使能夠運送下一代出來)
4. infect v.感染 (in- 內, fec- = ___ →在內部搞破壞)
5. extract v.抽出 (ex- 出來, tract- = ____)
6. render v.使成為(=______)

1. This is Sinovac headquarters, the first company in the world to successfully complete clinical trials(n.試驗) for an H1N1 vaccine.

2. This is the very first stage of the process. Every day, tens of thousands of fertilized eggs come in. They're incubated(v.孵化) for a certain period time, then they are inspected(v.檢查), and then they are infected with the H1N1 virus. After three more days, the virus is then extracted and used to make the vaccine.

3. All of the infected eggs come in on a conveyer belt(輸送帶). They are sliced(v.切) open and then the virus is harvested(v.收集). The virus is then rendered(=made) inactive(a.不活躍的) and stored for the next part of the process. Inside all these jugs(n.罐) is the H1N1 virus.

4. At this stage, they're collecting the virus and preparing it for purification(n.純化). And here is the final product. Inside this vial(n.小瓶) is a vaccine for the H1N1 virus.

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Cell Phone Risk? 使用手機的風險

1. pin n.大頭針(←_____松樹) v.釘住;歸咎於
2. concede v.(勉強)承認 (con- 共同, cede- = ____) ←要大家妥協認可就是讓大家都有路可走。
3. emit v.散發出 (e-/ex- 出去, mit- = _____)
4. radiation n.輻射 (rad- = _____ 根 →向四面八方發散出去)
5. model n.模範;型號 (←________)

1. Ellie Marks thinks it may be too late to save her husband, but she's determined to tell his story in Washington. Alan Marks has brain cancer, and Ellie says his doctors pin it on one device(n.裝置). 

2. About how much did Alan use his cell phone? Alan used his cell phone a lot. 
It was glued(v.黏) to his ear. He's in the real estate industry. He used it probably about an average(n.平均) of 22 hours a month.

3. Marks concedes this was in the 1990s, when cell phones were bigger and emitted 
more radiation. But she's also concerned about(擔心) current(a.現行的) cell phones and so-called PDAs, personal digital(a.數位的) assistants(n.助手). 

4. And she's not alone. A new report from the Environmental Working Group warns of radiation risks and has a top10 list. Motorola has five models on it; BlackBerry has two.

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Fuel Efficiency Plan 節省燃料計畫

1. scooter n.機車 (___輪子)
2. charge v.充電 (car 車 → ______) 
3. compartment n.(隔出來小空間)小客房 (←part_____)
4. equivalent n.同等物 (← equal 相等 ←_______) 
5. quintessential a.典型的

1. Steve Shapiro bought this highway-friendly Vectrix Maxi Scooter last year 
when gas prices were high.

2. It takes two hours to charge, and then you have about 50 to 60 miles of driving. 

3. Underneath(在下) the seat and in this back storage(n.儲藏) compartment, I can get the equivalent of about three bags of groceries(n.雜貨), so that works for my family of four.

4. This vehicle(n.車輛) has a lot of pickup(n.加速力); it can go from zero to 60 in 6.8 seconds. Gun it(加大油門快速前進). To date(到目前為止), Vectrix has sold about 1,500 scooters.

5. This may change the quintessential road
trip: no more gas stations.

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H1N1 豬流感大流行

1. swine n.豬 (sw- = _______ →豬走路屁股會搖擺)
2. pandemic n.大流行病 (pan- = _______, dem- = ________: democracy 民主)
3. claim vt.要求為其所有(+ _____) →奪取(+ _____)
4. sneeze v./n.打噴嚏 (sn- = ________: sniff 嗅, snore 打呼, snake 蛇)

1. First up, flu season is just around the corner(快來了), and officials are preparing for the return of one specific(a.特定的)
virus(n.病毒): H1N1, what's also know as swine flu(豬流感). 

2. You probably remember this from 
back in the spring, when the virus 
spread(v.傳播) around the world 
and was declared(v.宣布) a global(a.全球的) pandemic. 

3. It claimed more than 1,400 lives. A new report is looking at the potential(a.潛在的) impact(n.影響) of the virus this fall 
and predicts that it could cause between 30,000 and 90,000 deaths in the U.S. 

4. Around 40,000 deaths are connected to(與...相關) the regular(a.一般的) flu each year.

5. And there are some simple things that you can do to help prevent it from spreading, like washing your hands regularly(adv.經常地), covering your mouth when you 
cough or sneeze, and staying home from school if you're sick.

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Guitar of the Future 未來的吉他

1. dimension n.尺寸;範圍(meas =______ →measure v.測量) 
2. microprocessor n.微處理器(micro- = ____, process v.處理) 
3. knob n.球形突出物;旋鈕(←_______的時候食指形成的樣子) 
4. simulate v.模擬(simu- = _______) 
5. acoustic a.音響的(a-加強, cuckoo 杜鵑;布谷鳥, =stic = adj.) 

1. The last couple of(= ____) years, guitars have added mini-computers that add a whole new dimension.

2. At the Guitar Center, John Halpen shows off(炫耀)the latest(a.最新的) offering. 
It's the Gibson Dark Fire, which is based on the famous Gibson Les Paul classic guitar, but with a microprocessor inside, taking studio effects out on the road(到處奔走).

3. The guitar tones itself, just by turning the master control knob(總控制鈕), one can change to any of 18 different tones(n.音調). 

4. With a small servo motor(伺服馬達) on each tuning key(調音鍵), it looks like magic. 

5. The guitar also has a technology(n.科技) called "chameleon(n.變色龍)" that can simulate several classical(a.經典的) sounds, sounds that use to depend on the different types of wood a guitar is made from, like a classic electric guitar(古典電吉他) or an acoustic guitar(民謠吉他) to a more jazzy(爵士的) sound.

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Iceland Volcano 冰島火山爆發

1. volcano n.火山 (←Vulcan 鐵匠兼火神) →相傳火山是他為眾神打造武器的火爐
2. dormant a.休眠的 (dome- = ____;睡覺) →dormitory(n.宿舍:睡覺的地方)
3. erupt v.爆發 (e-/ex- 出去, rupt- = _______) →破裂之後內部的東西出來
4. impact n.v.撞擊;影響 (im- 向內, pact = _______ 包裹)
5. continent n.大陸 (←_________ 繼續) →可以繼續走下去的土地

1. A 1volcano in Iceland had been dormant for more than 180 years. But then a few weeks ago, this started. The volcano is erupting, and some scientists say it could last(v.延續) for more than a year.

2. That's about how long it went the last time this happened. That was back in the 1820s. This time, the impact is being felt all across(=all over) Europe. Here, you see London's Heathrow Airport, planes(n.飛機) on the ground. 

3. Where you don't see them is in the sky.
The UK is not alone in this. More than half a dozen countries canceled(v.取消) flights(n.班機) yesterday; up to 6,000 total across the European(a.歐洲的) continent. 

4. The problem is ash. When the volcano erupted, it sent this huge cloud of smoke and ash high up into the air. If a jet(n.噴射機) were to fly through that, it could cause the plane's engines to shut down.
So, that's why there are so many cancellations(n.取消).

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Wii--Rehabilitation [Wii=復健工具]

1. rehabilitation n.復健 (re- 再度, _________ 能力 →使再度具有行動能力)
2. rigid a.挺直的 (______[ht] 1)右 2)正確→正直→直挺挺的)
rigidity n.僵硬 (-ity = N.字尾)
3. depression n.沮喪 (de- 下, press- 壓)
4. eliminate v.消除 (e-/ex- 出去, limi- = ______ 界線) →使出局
5. diagnose v.診斷 (di-/bi-= ___, nose 鼻子) →用鼻子嗅判斷是否可吃

1. Video games as rehab tools for Parkinson's patients. You see, Parkinson's disease(帕金森氏症) leads to(導致) a sharp decrease in dopamine(多巴胺). 

2. That's a brain chemical (which is) responsible for(導致) the body's movement.
The research participants(n.參與者) exercise(v.運動), using the Nintendo Wii one hour a day, three days a week for four weeks. 

3. Herz found that fine motor(a.運動神經的) skills, 2rigidity, balance issues(n.問題)have all improved. 

4. But the biggest improvement was mood(n.心情): depression levels almost eliminated.
That's a big deal(重要的大事), considering almost half of those diagnosed with Parkinson's suffer from depression. 

5. It works so well for Rohrman, he bought his own game console(n.主機) to play at home.

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